Flannel pajamas and a functioning toaster, the perfect recipe for a successful weekend "Pop Tart" experience. Or is it? At Bull and Bear these brunch menu front runners are anything but generic- and they certainly don't come from a box. After the dough is pressed and rolled out, it's stuffed and sealed to lock in the housemade goods. We're talking pineapple upside down cake and strawberry banana goodness accompanied with a sweet vanilla ganache that could make even furniture dance. Feeling smitten already are we? Just you wait. When it comes to savory, our spin on Beef Wellington might get your mittens in a twist, it's a doughified heartbreaker. So let's dance in style, let's dance for brunch, with Pop Tarts. #foreveryoung #foreverhungry

We know it's only Monday, but making your weekend brunch reservation now is total champion status.

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