1.  What kind of cake on your birthday? Three cakes! Mississippi Mud Pie, heart attack waiting to happen…in the form of chocolate.  Tiramisu, just because I’m Italian and there is always room in my part of the day for this. Bomboloni. It’s the Italian answer to donuts and that’s where donuts want to be when he dies and goes to pastry f'ing heaven.

2. What are you known for professionally? I’m the guy that gave Italian food in America a new lease on life. Taking away from Americans the belief that pepperoni, chicken parm, and fettuccine actually exist in Italy. Not served in restaurants. Italian dressing? Doesn’t exist. 

3. How do you like your steak prepared? Mooing! Steak off of the cow, I would. I can’t because people frown about it. Hah!

4. A recipe you want to master? I want be better at baking but 3 problems. A. No patience B. I don't have the patience C. I HATE measuring things. 

5. What genuinely excites you most about your job? People get seriously excited about the combo that comes from eggs and flour. 

6. One of my food secrets? I bake the best flourless chocolate cake. Substitute eggs for mayo. Best chocolate cake you’ll ever have. Only at home!