1. First or best food memory? When I was 7, I had to get 10 teeth pulled at once. I couldn't eat 24 hours prior to surgery. Partner that with me being unable to eat for another 24 hours because I basically had no feeling in my mouth and trying to eat anything would just drool down my face. The answer: Mac & Cheese. Forever and always the answer.   

2. What did you want to be growing up and when did that answer change? I always dreamed of being in music videos as a back up dancer. That changed when I stopped watching MTV. However, whenever I watch a Janet or Beyonce video... I get a small ache in my heart. 

3. What kind of cake on your birthday? I once received an orange and lemon layered cake with some ridiculous tasting frosting and I think that pretty much took the cake. Literally. 

4. Say you were being bribed...what food would do the trick? It would have to be the whole combo. Portillos beef, cheese fries, strawberry smoothie and a piece of chocolate cake. That could make me pretty much do anything. 

5. Who would you have dinner with right now? I feel like Channing Tatum and I really have compatible personalities. Of course I would "have" dinner with him right now. If I "had" to. 

...and where would you go?

He's a chill guy and I am a chill girl. We would probably go on a foodie crawl to determine Chicago's best Hot Dog and have rating cards and all. Then we would decide there is a tie between two and open up our own Hot Dog spot and fuse all of our best findings into THE TOP DAWG. 

6.You're cooking breakfast. What song is playing? Easy like Sunday morning by Mr. Lionel Richie or Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root. Either way, I have a messy bun bobbing on top of my head and pancake mix everywhere.