1. Say you were being bribed...what food would do the trick?  Chicken green curry... extra spicy... no eggplant... add broccoli... white rice... spring rolls... Diet Coke... 

2. Favorite way to spend a Saturday afternoon? On the couch ordering the best take out lunch possible. Maybe Irazu, maybe Butterfly, maybe a trip to Bari, or Chaves Tacos and then watching a movie on Netflix... No rush, in sweat pants. 

3. You're cooking breakfast. What song is playing? Let It Be.

4. What kind of cake on your birthday? White cake with lemon frosting, preferably out of a box. 

5. A recipe you want to master. The dressing for a tiger cry beef salad.

6. Lobster or pasta? Pasta 1000 out of 1000 times.