1. How do you like your steak prepared? I like my chicken well-done and my fish well-done... and when I eat steak (once in a blue moon) - I like it rare. Go figure! PS - I can't tell you the last time I ate a steak.... maybe 1995?? Seriously.

2. What did you want to be growing up and when did that answer change? Growing up, I wanted to be it all -- an interior decorator, a doctor, a cosmatologist. I really remember wanting to be an Orthopedist like my dad (he makes artificial limbs and body braces for amputees) and then realizing as I got to college, I didn't have the stomach for it and most likely wouldn't be able to make it through med school. I decided creativity, marketing, advertising and relationship building was more my thing. 

3. How do you want to be remembered? For my outgoing personality, warm disposition and most importantly, my dedication to family, friends, and work. I also want to be remembered for my motivation and drive to do things bigger and better time and time again. 

4.  A recipe you want to master.  Grilled chicken... it's not really a recipe but I'm always let down every time I try to cook it at home. It just never comes out good. Oh, if you want a recipe: Pisto. When I studied abroad in Spain my junior year of college, I lived in Sevilla with a senora (I did a home-stay). She used to make this AMAZING dinner called Pisto. It was eggplant, roasted red peppers, other veggies in a stew / soup consistency. It was unreal. I wish I could call her and ask her for the recipe but she didn't even have a phone.. and speaks ZERO english! Next time I'm in Sevilla, I'm knocking on her door. 

5. What kind of cake on your birthday? Ice cream cake - my WEAKNESS! Half vanilla / half chocolate with rainbow sprinkles  and Reese crumbles on top...and don't forget the pie crust. 

6. You're cooking breakfast. What song is playing? Any Rascal Flatts or Darius Rucker song. 100%. There's nothing better than hanging in your PJ's in the morning jammin' to country.