1. Say you were being bribed...what food would do the trick?  Samoas! Oh Girl Scout cookies. One and done. Just the box and I’ll talk. I love dessert. Or gelato at Siena Tavern, pistachio of course.

2. First or best food memory? When my grandmother would make me a cherry pie. I would only really visit her over the holidays in Pennsylvania every year. Even now, I crave the cherry pie!  It was made without any real recipe other than just the way my grandma knows how to make it by hand. She would fill up the old yellow bowl up to the scratch mark with sugar. She wouldn’t be able to replicate it unless you were right there, that’s what I call an authentic dessert. The ingredients are much more old school...and perfectly balanced. The cherries are a specific brand that she buys then recandies to sauté. She’s great at making pie.

3. Lobster or pasta? PASTA WITH LOBSTER. 

4. Why would someone not want to work with you? I have ADD. What was the question? 

5. You're cooking breakfast. What song is playing? I don’t like to listen to music. I like to listen to the sounds. Coffee dripping. Bowls on the counter. Morning is your time for peace and quiet. Sometimes without quiet music wouldn’t be anything special. 

6. How do you want to be remembered? Multiple legacies I would like to be personally remembered for my work here on earth. Someone came into Bull & Bear for their anniversary the other day because it was the place where they first met. They would always come back to that place. That environment, that didn’t exist before David and I, I’m not saying those two people would have never met..but it’s nice to be remembered by people because they were at your establishment. Life is hard, social time is an important time for people. Eating has become such an activity for people. You sit, eat, talk make memories. We, in a small way, are contributing to the backdrop of this picture. From the personal side, I was lucky to have a really good mother and father. I want to be remembered the way that my mother and dad will be remembered by me someday. I want to be a good father and a good friend. Basic stuff.