A combination of breakfast and lunch eaten during the week usually in the late morning but it can extend as late as 3pm on Sundays. The word is a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch. 

The word brunch instantly creates an overall feeling of warmth. You heard the soft, crispy noise of butter spreading on toast. The steamy aroma of espresso. The taste of gelato. Housemade granola. Lobster hash. An array of hollandaise creations. There is no limit when it comes to savoring this mid-day food-venture.

Last week, we wanted to try something new. More than toast. More than truffle eggs. Egg, in a jar.


After our noteworthy "Pasta in a Jar" debuted on Good Morning America this fall for a hearty dinner dish, we knew it was time to tackle brunch. The scoop? Crispy crab. Grilled asparagus. Calabrian hot sauce. Micro greens. Arugula. Preserved meyer lemon. One poached egg.

What do you think? Brunch-worthy or BRUNCH-WORTHY? #egginajar #testkitchen #sitwithsiena